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14612021-08-13How to open and display text encoded by Thai Language?Character encoding627
11322013-09-13How to find missing numbers from a list of numbers?Advanced search and replace2522
10882013-06-21How to append strings between h2 tags to the end of multiple filename?Batch file rename2797
10772013-05-05How to insert a blank line after each group of lines with same month?Advanced search and replace2554
10122012-10-06How to extract all links of a webpage periodically and save to file?Batch download3689
8432011-08-27How to count the number of ip addresses from each country?Count and statistics2720
7412011-03-20How to convert file among MS word, PDF and TXT format?Advanced search and replace2651
5972010-08-25How to convert stock data (OHLCV) base on The Heikin Ashi modified formula?Advanced search and replace2372
5892010-08-15How to count the number of english words that has specified number of chars?Count and statistics2749
4652010-04-01How to batch download jpg files that listed in an excel file in order?Batch download20767
4352010-03-02How to batch rename files by adding timestamp of current time?Batch file rename5596
3132009-01-27How to count how many http address and email address appearing in a html file?Count and statistics2735
3082008-12-25How to count how many vowels and consonants inside a text file?Count and statistics3216
3072008-12-23How to count how many characters, punctuations in a text file?Count and statistics3995
1052008-05-15How to merge two files line by line?Text merge4352
702008-05-08How to add specified text to the begin and end of many text files?Advanced search and replace3980

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