Batch Download

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Batch Downloader
* Supports extracting and filtering required links in multiple webpages.
* Supports the 2nd level links extracting and filtering.
* Supports downloading webpage files as html, text, binary files, or only links.
* Supports downloading and renaming webpage files in one step.

Batch Download

By clicking "Batch Runner" toolbar or menu, a dialog will be poped-up:

First of all, user need to select source http address in 2 ways:

* By clicking "Import List", user can load http address list from a text file, each line should be started by http://

* By clicking "Extract Links", user can extract all links from multiple web pages, and select required file type by setting filters

After that, all the required links will be extracted and listed:

For each link, the base name will be automatically extracted

User can select or edit "Set output file name" entry to set the new filenames

For instance, ${BASE}.new.##.{EXT} will change file.txt to

User also need to set the directory to download files by changing "Change output file directory"

User can also change download type as binary/html/text/links by clicking "Edit"

Click "Copy/Download", system will prompt user "Download all files in the list?"

User click "OK", operation will be started, a log dialog will be poped-up to show operation status.

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