What's new in "Replace Pioneer" 2.3?
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1. Added powerful pattern counter:



Pattern counter is designed to make text statistics on different patterns, it can be launched from "Tools->Pattern Counter".



* User can count text in range of whole text, selected text or specified file, as well as web pages.




* User can select system-defined template, as well as self-defined patterns.





* User can count number of a give pattern in total, as well as number of every different samples.





Please Check part Pattern Counter for detail.



2. Added real time ASCII display



When user enter some text into a page, the ASCII value of the text will be shown at the bottom of the window in real time, the value can be shown in Decimal and Hexidecimal if you move mouse point over it.




3. Add "Yes to All" option for file overwrite prompt:




4. Improved searching speed in "Batch Runner" window.



5. Update IP to Country conversion to the latest database.



6. Fixed some issues:


(1) file_time function do not support non-ascii chars in file path.


(2) Download default folder in "Batch Runner" do not take effect sometimes


(3) Incorret result of lines_r function


(4) Pasting text to a text window lost first line sometimes


(5) Dictionary can not handle \r inside text file sometimes