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14452019-10-10How to move strings matching specified patterns?Regular expression replace1399
14072017-12-08How to replace a list of words with one single word?Regular expression replace2104
13942017-06-16How to delete all the lines with the '*' char?Regular expression replace1962
13892017-02-14How to add parenthesis around a pair of single quote after 'like'?Regular expression replace2150
13782016-08-11How the remove text from the beginning of each line before a certain string?Regular expression replace2292
13552016-03-21How to remove commas and replace with a single space?Regular expression replace1974
13292015-12-13How to keep double newline and replace single newline with space?Regular expression replace1795
13282015-12-12How to remove the words around the digits?Regular expression replace1974
12922015-04-05How to add different words at the beginning of each line?Regular expression replace1923
12812015-02-22How to make following multiple rules replacement?Regular expression replace2080
12652014-11-26How to search and replace multiple file with multiple regex rules?Regular expression replace2225
12552014-09-29How to remove the first part of format A_B_A in each word?Regular expression replace2110
12542014-09-28How to exchange positions of strings before and after underscore?Regular expression replace1971
12462014-09-08How to replace line that contains no space?Regular expression replace2123
12422014-09-04How to replace alt text with string from title tag?Regular expression replace2543
11192013-08-25How to add a blank line after last sentence of paragraph?Regular expression replace2931
11182013-08-22How to split words into 44 phonemes automatically?Regular expression replace3326
11102013-07-25How to add title attribute for all links automatically in TXT file?Regular expression replace2482
10792013-05-09How to remove everything after the second specified keywords in each line?Regular expression replace3376
10482013-01-24How to move some words from start of line to specified location in html file?Regular expression replace2505
10452013-01-19How to clean a text file by removing hi-bit characters and binary garbage?Regular expression replace2780
10392012-12-22How to exchange 1st and 3rd line OR 1st and 3rd paragraph in a text?Regular expression replace2348
10182012-10-27How to move text before first square bracket to the replace of the parenthesis?Regular expression replace2849
10062012-09-17How to insert a space between the lower case and upper case letter?Regular expression replace3200
10042012-09-11How to rip out all but line 1 and specified text?Text file parser2634
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