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14062017-12-05How to count original form of words in a passage?Advanced search and replace1570
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics2007
13482016-02-23How to count the number of consecutive identical lines?Count and statistics1760
13472016-02-22How to count the consecutive lines with the same pattern?Count and statistics2118
13432016-02-16How to count the number of non-empty columns?Advanced search and replace1601
13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator2332
12902015-03-25How to mark out lines that do not match pre-defined condition? Advanced search and replace1620
12102014-06-30How to re-arrange lines with in a specified number of lines?Text sort2996
11642013-12-28How to randomly delete x number of lines from text inside and outside brackets?Advanced search and replace2754
11632013-12-25How to split one line into two lines from middle?Advanced search and replace2361
11522013-12-04How to randomly insert a word or phrase x number of times into text files?Advanced search and replace2325
11042013-07-15How to count apperance of distinct IP and remove specified IP range?Advanced search and replace2383
10332012-12-14How to count and sort the occurrance of different lines?Count and statistics2695
9772012-07-23How to make random line by line sequential merge of multiple text files?Text merge2914
9662012-07-03How to count the number of lines under each specified pattern?Count and statistics2566
9332012-03-30How to replace or remove 3 lines randomly in a text file?Random word generator2953
8432011-08-27How to count the number of ip addresses from each country?Count and statistics2536
7922011-05-31How to sort the text by the number of specific word in each line?Text sort3002
7382011-03-15How to count the number of occurrence of every double letters?Count and statistics2495
6402010-10-27How to count the number of words for many files and append result to each file?Replace text in multiple files2715
4922010-04-29How to count the number of lines and characters in multiple files and make a list?Count and statistics3069
4762010-04-13How to count the occurrance of specific pattern in each line of text file?Count and statistics2732
4712010-04-08How to count the number of Unique IP address from a web log file?Count and statistics2925
4152010-02-06How to add a number in each line indicating number of words in this line?Count and statistics2886
3082008-12-25How to count how many vowels and consonants inside a text file?Count and statistics3021
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