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11432013-10-28How to extract numbers in specified position and join with comma?Text file parser2476
11112013-07-29How to remove everything before first space in filename?Batch file rename3765
4832010-04-19How to search specified pattern in a text file and remove spaces in it?Advanced search and replace2731
4452010-03-12How to change all negative numbers to the format of (number)?Advanced search and replace2329
3212009-03-18How to search hundreds of xml files for a list of numbers, find out which file contains which number?Replace text in multiple files2993
2712008-09-22How to remove/delete all commas from comma separated numbers in a text fileAdvanced search and replace2780
2232008-07-14How to change all numbers which have format of (number) to -number?Advanced search and replace2142
1952008-06-20How to batch rename files by removing all letters and symbols in filename, only keep numbers?Batch file rename3785
1422008-05-21How to remove/delete all symbols and numbers in a text file, only leave text?Advanced search and replace3026
972008-05-13How to remove/delete specified lines such as 1,2,3 and 9,11,13,15,... in a text file?Advanced search and replace2270

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