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14492019-12-27How to rearrange the words in each line and top of file?Advanced search and replace1330
14272018-11-09How to multiply the fifth column by 10 in a text file?Text data calculation1305
13682016-05-23How to extract and join first words from adjacent lines?Text file parser2101
13672016-05-23How to extract different part from adjacent lines?Text file parser1909
13362016-01-13How to attach column 8 to column2 except line 1 in a tab separated file?Advanced search and replace1802
13352016-01-13How to replace the second column in a tab seperated file?Advanced search and replace1753
13112015-07-16How to extract all http links from multiple web sites in one time?Batch download2555
13042015-05-03How to replace the User-Defined lines of A text from B text?Advanced search and replace2010
12432014-09-05How to change letters in Column1 and Column4 to upper case?Advanced search and replace1938
12252014-08-02How to replace a repeated string in unsequenced order?Advanced search and replace2048
12062014-05-21How to download all jpg files from the second level webpages?Batch download3047
12002014-04-30How to replace the 7th column with increasing numbers between the specified range?Advanced search and replace2409
11992014-04-30How to replace the second column of a file with an increasing number?Advanced search and replace2336
11892014-03-29How to merge files in all folders into one folder?Batch file rename3408
11652013-12-29How to replace the 4th column if the 5th column is 0?Advanced search and replace2413
11612013-12-20How to merge odd lines from file1 and even lines from file2?Text merge3151
11492013-11-23How to extract all links that contain imprint from a webpage?Batch download3038
11372013-09-24How to replace the certain column with specified words?Advanced search and replace2474
10992013-07-09How to move all files whose names are ended with numbers to another folder?Batch file rename2728
10932013-07-02How to replace a words with the previous word in the same column?Advanced search and replace2499
10902013-06-23How to merge two columns of a CSV file?Advanced search and replace3266
10762013-05-03How to find out utf8-BOM encoded files among many files in a folder?Character encoding3207
10662013-03-18How to filter out the duplicate number after the specified keywords?Advanced search and replace2370
10622013-03-07How to extract specified interface and sw from router configuration file?Text file parser2327
10602013-03-02How to randomly remove comma delimited sentence fragments?Advanced search and replace2286
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