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13432016-02-16How to count the number of non-empty columns?Advanced search and replace1601
13032015-04-27How to split a string (text + number) at the last number?Advanced search and replace1982
12832015-03-02How to refine multiple text files by specified rules?Advanced search and replace2339
12492014-09-12How to batch rename files by removing unwanted parts?Batch file rename3222
11462013-11-15How to batch rename files by removing everything after last "."?Batch file rename2656
11192013-08-25How to add a blank line after last sentence of paragraph?Regular expression replace2890
10472013-01-24How to sort lines that started with IP address?Text sort2818
10282012-11-28How to remove the trailing blank lines in the end of file?Advanced search and replace2445
9562012-06-03How to extract text after last comma in a string in htmlx file?Text file parser3064
9362012-04-13How to batch rename last part of filenames to the strings from a file?Batch file rename3631
5122010-05-16How to add
    before the first
  • and
after the last ?
Regular expression replace2313
1292008-05-18How to add a space after the 15 character of each line?Advanced search and replace3606

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