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13842016-12-05How to insert a separator before the first Chinese char in each line?Advanced search and replace1891
13612016-04-11How to remove all lines containing key-board letters only?Advanced search and replace1839
12232014-07-31How to remove paragraphs in which the full-wide chars are duplicated with previous?Advanced search and replace1990
12212014-07-28How to force word wrap with 24 half width or 12 full width chars or mixed per line?Advanced search and replace1702
11802014-02-23How to bulk remove Chinese characters?Replace text in multiple files4595
8702011-10-11How to extract all english words that preceded by multi-byte characters?Text file parser2764
4522010-03-19How to count the occurrance of each bytes from 00-FF in a binary file?Count and statistics2021
2912008-11-05How to remove/delete all single-byte characters in a text fileAdvanced search and replace2585
1652008-05-30How to remove/delete all multi-byte characters in a text file?Advanced search and replace3698

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