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14492019-12-27How to rearrange the words in each line and top of file?Advanced search and replace802
14462019-10-28How to rename files with part of first line in file content?Batch file rename918
14442019-10-04How to remove duplicate words within col 1 in tab separated file?Advanced search and replace831
14432019-08-09How to multiply numbers in each line after a certain comma?Advanced search and replace1350
14422019-08-07How to find and extract first word partially matches some text?Advanced search and replace1450
14412019-08-05How to replace specified lines with each line from a file respectively?Advanced search and replace1071
14382019-06-24How to extract specified text from pdf files?Advanced search and replace895
14372019-03-04How to remove phrases not containing any dictionary word?Advanced search and replace1498
14352019-02-16How to replace different words conditionally?Advanced search and replace1250
14342019-01-22How to rearrange columns of comma seperated file?Advanced search and replace1736
14242018-10-09How to find sentences that match Chinese(UTF-8 encoding) characters?Text file parser1050
14152018-02-08How to sort xml values in descending order where is no line break?Text sort2373
14132017-12-31How to replace text conditionally with custom dictionary?Advanced search and replace2232
14092017-12-10How to highlight words appeared in same line in another file?Advanced search and replace1721
14082017-12-10How to replace words to their original form in a passage?Advanced search and replace1512
14072017-12-08How to replace a list of words with one single word?Regular expression replace1840
14062017-12-05How to count original form of words in a passage?Advanced search and replace1345
14042017-10-09How to delete rows in csv based on criteria of specified column?Advanced search and replace2309
14032017-10-03How to delete rows in csv based on criteria of some column?Advanced search and replace1586
14022017-09-03How to change a file with special format to csv?Advanced search and replace1836
13992017-08-12How to merge lines with identical first row in two files?Advanced search and replace1537
13962017-07-27How to extract all lines by specified words in group?Advanced search and replace1462
13952017-06-29How to find out all specified keywords from a file? Advanced search and replace1843
13902017-02-18How to split a text file with specified start and end line and name?Text file splitter2451
13862016-12-28How to extract column 1 and 7 from csv files and replace each dash with space?Text file parser2185
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