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13112015-07-16How to extract all http links from multiple web sites in one time?Batch download2276
12972015-04-15How to duplicate a line and change midi to mp3 in many files?Replace text in multiple files2022
12152014-07-07How to batch download webpages with a gap of 10 seconds between two pages?Batch download2370
12062014-05-21How to download all jpg files from the second level webpages?Batch download2700
11682014-01-17How to batch download webpage as UTF-8 text file?Batch download2465
11162013-08-15How to generate a list of web pages with 2 numbers increased in sequence?Text generator2167
9962012-08-21How to extract all image links from a list of webpages?Batch download4906
9622012-06-17How to replace strings in hundreds of html files in one action?Replace text in multiple files2966
9012012-01-05How to extract distinct webpages from weblog file?Text file parser2584
8642011-09-30How to download multiple webpages with part of url as filename?Batch download3654
8632011-09-29How to remove all the unavailable addresses from a list of web pages?Text file parser2296
8522011-09-09How to filter out all web pages that does not contain specified words?Text file parser2458
8072011-06-24How to extract all http links from multiple web sites in one time?Text file parser3274
8062011-06-24How to extract all emails from many webs with depth 2?Text file parser2298
7622011-04-11How to download all webpages that linked from homepage?Batch download2803
7602011-04-07How to extract email addresses from multiple webpages?Text file parser3541
7362011-03-10How to extract email from webpage and remove duplicate?Text file parser2458
7352011-03-09How to extract email address from website or webpages?Text file parser4881
6662010-11-27How to download image files from a serial of html pages?Batch download3367
6202010-09-26Is there any online tool to batch replace text file with regular expression?Replace text in multiple files2624
5932010-08-19How to extract multiple webpages and save all text into text files?Batch download5852
3852010-01-07How to download all html pages with images on some website?Batch download3075
3192009-02-17Is there a good document to describe usage of system variables, functions and macros?Advanced search and replace2042
1922008-06-17How to download all html and jpg files listed in a webpage?Batch download4930
1452008-05-22Is it possible to extract all email addresses from web pages like forum?Text file parser3195
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