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14322019-01-08How to generate multiple copies of each line with different values? Advanced search and replace2619
12932015-04-06How to move the specified line to the end in multiple files?Replace text in multiple files2791
12802015-02-16How to batch rename files to the specified pattern found in file content?Batch file rename3437
12012014-05-02How to take words from first line and insert into text file randomly?Advanced search and replace3103
11012013-07-10How to generate files from template file, where some variables come from a list?Text generator3561
6382010-10-24How to remove all text that include variable strings?Advanced search and replace3078
6372010-10-24How to replace multiple text in multiple files with variable strings?Replace text in multiple files3588
5172010-05-22How to exchange the line 10 and 20 from many text files all at once?Advanced search and replace2981
3552009-10-14How to reset all the numbers with format id=NNN in a text file? Advanced search and replace3343
3192009-02-17Is there a good document to describe usage of system variables, functions and macros?Advanced search and replace2772
2332008-07-24How to make an http address sequence with 2 variables increasing at the same time?Advanced search and replace2843
702008-05-08How to add specified text to the begin and end of many text files?Advanced search and replace4462

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