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12072014-05-27How to remove words found in the dictionary from the Title Tag?Advanced search and replace2006
9582012-06-10How to batch rename PDF files with the date inside the file?Batch file rename3746
8302011-08-01How to search and replace in multiple files base on user-defined mapping file?Replace text in multiple files2688
7672011-04-21How to convert multiple text files to html files with self-defined format?Replace text in multiple files2941
7432011-03-22How to extract email address from one or more Word files immediately?Advanced search and replace2506
7412011-03-20How to convert file among MS word, PDF and TXT format?Advanced search and replace2362
5792010-08-02How to convert multiple text files from DOS format to UNIX format?Replace text in multiple files3026
5782010-08-01How to convert multiple text files from UNIX format to DOS format?Replace text in multiple files3020
2802008-10-13How to change text file with hexidecimal format into original binary file?Search replace binary5976
2792008-10-12How to change a binary file into text file with readable hexidecimal format?Search replace binary6375

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