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14512020-01-28How to search and capitalize title in multiple HTML files?Replace text in multiple files271
14462019-10-28How to rename files with part of first line in file content?Batch file rename722
14452019-10-10How to move strings matching specified patterns?Regular expression replace857
14422019-08-07How to find and extract first word partially matches some text?Advanced search and replace1213
14262018-11-09How to batch convert word docx files to txt files?Text file parser764
14222018-10-07How to merge remaining columns into the first column?Text merge864
14202018-08-28How to merge other columns one by one into the first column?Text merge991
14112017-12-12How to generate a list of sentences from template sentence?Text generator2301
13992017-08-12How to merge lines with identical first row in two files?Advanced search and replace1456
13902017-02-18How to split a text file with specified start and end line and name?Text file splitter2357
13842016-12-05How to insert a separator before the first Chinese char in each line?Advanced search and replace1827
13772016-08-07How to replace the quoted text with lines from another file?Advanced search and replace1955
13682016-05-23How to extract and join first words from adjacent lines?Text file parser1752
13672016-05-23How to extract different part from adjacent lines?Text file parser1590
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1665
13602016-04-10How to copy/remove files to a folder named by first part of filename?Batch file rename1807
13592016-04-08How to exchange line3 and line4 in 4-line-groups matching specified pattern?Advanced search and replace1422
13542016-03-19How to copy same lines and combine different lines from 2 files?Text merge1686
13532016-03-16How to format an English article will specified rules?Advanced search and replace1365
13522016-03-14How split words from file where all words are joined without spaces?Text file parser1566
13442016-02-16How to remove all hyphens after the first tab in each line?Advanced search and replace1430
13422016-02-16How to make a subtraction of the specified time string?Text data calculation1394
13402016-02-16How to extract the first and last lines where the second column is the same?Text file parser1422
13372016-01-27How to capitalize all words except some stop words?Advanced search and replace1199
13342016-01-05How to remove lines from file B.csv with first column come from file A.csv?Text file parser1727
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