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14432019-08-09How to multiply numbers in each line after a certain comma?Advanced search and replace1039
14392019-07-15How to sort csv files by two or more columns?Text sort586
14282018-11-14How to convert a list of phone numbers to required format?Advanced search and replace995
14012017-08-21How to sort specified items descendingly in each line?Advanced search and replace1606
14002017-08-18How to find numbers in specified location and sort them?Advanced search and replace1510
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1572
13322015-12-17How to compare and get the difference between numbers of two file?Text data calculation1699
13302015-12-13How to remove everything but specified strings between begin and end?Advanced search and replace1432
13082015-06-11How to replace letters with predefined numbers in a text range?Advanced search and replace1563
12872015-03-18How to multiply by 1.5 for all numbers with xr suffix?Text data calculation1493
12602014-10-12How to divide by 10 for all numbers not less than 40?Text data calculation1830
12442014-09-06How to batch calculate numbers and make the result divisible by 5?Text data calculation1908
12292014-08-07How to replace numbers with alphabets and reverse their order in all tags?Advanced search and replace1500
12262014-08-05How to calculate the average of the numbers in the same column?Text data calculation1733
12132014-07-04How to calculate the average of numbers of one column?Text data calculation1822
12042014-05-11How to batch rename html files to specified text from html title tags?Batch file rename2202
12002014-04-30How to replace the 7th column with increasing numbers between the specified range?Advanced search and replace1971
11932014-04-13How to multiply numeric values after specified symbol in each line?Text data calculation1754
11922014-04-07How to extract lines that matching the list of russian speaking names?Text file parser1771
11762014-02-19How to generate Hex Number from 0100 to FFFF?Text generator2156
11732014-02-11How to extract specified text followed by 8 digits from text file?Text file parser1918
11532013-12-05How to break a column of text into more columns with 50000 rows in each column?Text file splitter2221
11432013-10-28How to extract numbers in specified position and join with comma?Text file parser1955
11412013-10-11How to batch rename files by removing all trailing numbers?Batch file rename2277
11322013-09-13How to find missing numbers from a list of numbers?Advanced search and replace1793
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