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13912017-04-14How to batch extract html title from files and link to the file?Text file parser2053
12452014-09-08How to batch download UTF-8 files?Batch download2643
11982014-04-29How to change a list of URL into specified hyperlink format in HTML?Html text generator2643
10122012-10-06How to extract all links of a webpage periodically and save to file?Batch download3183
8962011-12-15How to generate an html page that include download links of specified files?Text generator3665
8552011-09-15How to extract the address of hyperlink whose anchor text contains "about"?Text file parser2160
8062011-06-24How to extract all emails from many webs with depth 2?Text file parser2315
7692011-04-26How to extract all image links from multiple html files? Html text generator5161
7562011-04-01How to extract all specific links from webpage?Text file parser3528
7402011-03-18How to validate many email addresses in a text file and export them?Advanced search and replace2303
7362011-03-10How to extract email from webpage and remove duplicate?Text file parser2478
7352011-03-09How to extract email address from website or webpages?Text file parser4905
7112011-02-01How to extract all specified links from a html file?Text file parser3391
7102011-01-31How to extract all links which contain "shop" from many html files?Text file parser2923
6482010-11-04How to generate a vocabulary file base on any text file with English articles?Advanced search and replace2191
6332010-10-18How to batch strip/remove utf8 BOM for many files? (Replace Pioneer new version) Replace text in multiple files7523
6312010-10-15How to batch add utf8 BOM for many files? (with Replace Pioneer new version)Replace text in multiple files6665
4812010-04-17How to automatically add Previous and Next link for many html files?Advanced search and replace2359
4642010-04-01How to convert the date in a text file into GMT(Greenwich Mean Time)?Advanced search and replace2593
4282010-02-22How to join multiple text/csv files in horizontal direction?Text file splitter4017
4132010-02-05How to generate a full list from 'aaa' to 'zzz' with random order?Random word generator3433
4052010-01-27How to replace all the password field in text file with random chars?Random word generator2280
4012010-01-20How to extract all image links from a html file?Text file parser3830
3732009-12-23How to extract all the links and images from many web page files?Html text generator3928
3312009-05-15How to find and replace multiple line text?Replace text in multiple files2881
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