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10032012-09-09How to split a 100 line text file into 100 text files?Text file splitter3516
9542012-06-03How to split a text file by line and rename each file to the line contents?Text file splitter2970
8412011-08-25How to split a text file into multiple files with maximum 100k bytes?Text file splitter3766
8392011-08-21How to split a text file into multiple files evenly on size?Text file splitter3504
5502010-06-29How to split a file by every 100 lines, and put every 50 files into one folder?Text file splitter3166
5132010-05-18How to extract the line 2-9, 12-19, 22-29, ...of a text file and save to multiple files?Text file splitter2360
5072010-05-13How to split a large text file into specified various number of lines?Text file splitter3311
3822010-01-04How to split the dictionary file and use word as filename?Text file splitter3194
2962008-11-16How to split a large text file into small files with maximum 1000 lines?Text file splitter3383
2442008-08-08How to split text file by number of bytes?Text file splitter3634
1882008-06-13How to split a file by specified number of lines like 10,20,30,20,20,20 ...?Text file splitter2779
752008-05-11How to split every file in a directory automatically?Text file splitter2802

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