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9402012-04-22How to automatically distribute many files into subfolders evenly?Batch file rename3127
8722011-10-13How to search and replace strings in multiple utf-8 encoded text files?Character encoding3275
8592011-09-22How to move all files to specified sub-folders according to their extension?Batch file rename2642
8512011-09-07How to move files to new folders according to beginning letters of filename?Batch file rename3031
8492011-09-05How to search all jpg files in subfolders and copy to a new folder?Advanced search and replace3137
6032010-09-01How to findout all lines that contain specified words in multiple files?Text file parser2952
5422010-06-21How to move the jpg files under all the subfolders from xxx.jpg to old\xxx.jpg?Batch file rename2734
4912010-04-28How to find out all files that contain all words of A, B and C?Advanced search and replace2269

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