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13852016-12-26How to extract specified columns from blocks of text?Text file parser1832
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1627
13272015-12-01How to set column N according to some words in column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1646
13252015-11-18How to set column N according to content of column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1576
13032015-04-27How to split a string (text + number) at the last number?Advanced search and replace1670
13012015-04-25How to extract from a file according to content of another file?Advanced search and replace1841
11952014-04-18How to merge different CSV with partially different columns into one?Text merge2321
11532013-12-05How to break a column of text into more columns with 50000 rows in each column?Text file splitter2256
11342013-09-20How to merge columns of 2 files with the same name in different folder?Text merge2471
9862012-08-08How to split each line of csv file into a single file with specified format?Text file splitter3689
7502011-03-27How to append the second columns of file A and B if first columns are identical?Text file splitter2301
4992010-05-06How to batch split files into columns that separated by comma?Text file splitter3905
4212010-02-13How to add MACD, EMA, FAST%K, SLOW%D and BB columns for stock data?Text data calculation2432
2262008-07-17How to split files by columns with fixed widths, and save to files with sequence?Text file splitter3643
2252008-07-16How to split file by columns, and save each column as file a001.txt, a002.txt, ...?Text file splitter2109

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