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13532016-03-16How to format an English article will specified rules?Advanced search and replace1565
13232015-11-12How replace the words with specified format by adding a number?Advanced search and replace1701
13182015-10-08How to join corresponding line of multiple text files with specified format?Text generator2139
13142015-08-07How to decorate each of marching number with specified format?Advanced search and replace1920
12172014-07-09How to batch replace files with specified format in each line?Advanced search and replace2592
11982014-04-29How to change a list of URL into specified hyperlink format in HTML?Html text generator2854
11962014-04-18How to change each line into specified format?Advanced search and replace2154
11872014-03-23How to convert pipe separated elements in each line to specified format?Advanced search and replace2226
11732014-02-11How to extract specified text followed by 8 digits from text file?Text file parser2450
11722014-02-11How to replace vowel-consonant-vowel groupings with specified format?Advanced search and replace2054
11592013-12-15How to extract all data followed by specified words from many files?Text file parser2903
11582013-12-14How to extract all data like ##.##-##.## from many files?Text file parser2330
11402013-09-29How to change each line of data to the specified format?Advanced search and replace2630
9862012-08-08How to split each line of csv file into a single file with specified format?Text file splitter4026
9672012-07-08How to count the number of consecutive lines with specified pattern?Count and statistics2438
8962011-12-15How to generate an html page that include download links of specified files?Text generator3819
8802011-10-30How to create a text file including filenames in a folder with specified format?Text generator3128
8272011-07-28How to extract all lines with specified date range from text file?Text file parser3563
8152011-07-02How to convert a text file to specified format?Advanced search and replace4064
7672011-04-21How to convert multiple text files to html files with self-defined format?Replace text in multiple files3076
7202011-02-17How to split a text file according to first word in each line?Text file splitter4002
7082011-01-28How to extract all specified date format from a text file?Text file parser3198
4202010-02-12How to convert numbers into scientific format with specified spacing?Advanced search and replace2619
4002010-01-19How to convert the text format by user specified rules?Advanced search and replace2758
3932010-01-15How to change text file format with user specified rules?Regular expression replace2980
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