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13712016-06-10How to generate several different versions of shuffled paragraphs?Advanced search and replace2675
12702014-12-08How to run a 3rd party application on multiple files?Replace text in multiple files2697
12692014-12-08How to apply my own shuffle algrithm on multiple files?Replace text in multiple files2664
12412014-09-03How to shuffle all paragraphs and remove all paragraphs with less than 30 words?Replace text in multiple files3056
12102014-06-30How to re-arrange lines with in a specified number of lines?Text sort3742
11822014-03-04How to shuffle all elements in a specified range in text file?Advanced search and replace3199
11812014-03-03How to shuffle all lines of text in specified range?Advanced search and replace3299
11752014-02-17How to sort randomly(shuffle) all paragraphs that separated by ## in multiple files?Advanced search and replace2894
10132012-10-07How to join every sequential line with a random line in a text file?Text merge3975
8142011-07-01How to shuffle all lines without moving some specified lines?Advanced search and replace3356
8132011-06-30How to shuffle specified lines in multiple text files?Advanced search and replace4157
8102011-06-29How to shuffle all sentences ended by period within each line?Advanced search and replace2659
4062010-01-29How to sort all the lines of a text file randomly?Random word generator4411
2622008-08-30How to shuffle all the lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace3662

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