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12372014-08-25How to output each 4 lines by reverse order?Advanced search and replace2460
12292014-08-07How to replace numbers with alphabets and reverse their order in all tags?Advanced search and replace2526
9782012-07-23How to reverse order of sentence clauses and words delimited by specified chars?Advanced search and replace3005
6562010-11-17How to reverse all the space-separated columns in many text file?Advanced search and replace2945
6122010-09-14How to reverse all the words in each line of a csv file?Advanced search and replace3491
6102010-09-12How to batch convert arabic number to roman numbers automatcially?Advanced search and replace3115
5382010-06-17How to simulate the specified BER(bit error rate) on text file with 0 and 1 only?Random word generator2880
4962010-05-03How to do simple encryption of a text file by letter to letter remapping?Advanced search and replace3236
4942010-05-01How to reverse the order of characters in each line of text?Advanced search and replace3209
4182010-02-10How to reverse the order of all the lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace3639
2302008-07-21How to reverse all cases of letters in a text file?Advanced search and replace3394
1702008-06-02How can I reverse the sequence of all words in a text file?Advanced search and replace3391
1342008-05-19How to reverse a text file by characters?Advanced search and replace3159

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