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13592016-04-08How to exchange line3 and line4 in 4-line-groups matching specified pattern?Advanced search and replace2340
13302015-12-13How to remove everything but specified strings between begin and end?Advanced search and replace2325
11732014-02-11How to extract specified text followed by 8 digits from text file?Text file parser3190
11402013-09-29How to change each line of data to the specified format?Advanced search and replace3447
10782013-05-09How to replace all instances of string "page-xxx.xhtml" with "page-xxx+2.xhtml"?Advanced search and replace2847
9832012-07-30How to repeat each line multiple times with number increased/decreased?Advanced search and replace2942
9362012-04-13How to batch rename last part of filenames to the strings from a file?Batch file rename4407
9322012-03-29How to batch change decimal numbers by rounding to 3 decimal places?Text data calculation4675
6782010-12-15How to replace the digits 5,6,7 with asterisk for all 11-digits numbers?Advanced search and replace2641
6102010-09-12How to batch convert arabic number to roman numbers automatcially?Advanced search and replace3096
6092010-09-10How to convert Roman number to Arabic number automatically?Advanced search and replace2883
4532010-03-19How to rename files by removing last 8 digits and adding 6 digits?Batch file rename3927
2592008-08-27How to remove/delete all characters except number and spaces in a text file?Advanced search and replace3383
2552008-08-21How to count number of digits(0-9) in a text file?Count and statistics3564
2472008-08-12Is there a way to batch rename files with all letters reversed, like abcd.txt to dcba.txt?Batch file rename3732
2032008-06-26How to batch rename files from format like TEST_2008_06_22_ABC.TXT to 20080622.TXT?Batch file rename3378
1982008-06-22Is there any way that I can rename all my files by changing first letter to upper case?Batch file rename3486
1642008-05-29How to add one space before each digit of number in a text file, but ignore other letters?Advanced search and replace2985
1162008-05-16How to add a '#' before every number not followed by ','? Advanced search and replace2437

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