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14692024-01-30Decode numerical HTML entities found in the text inputAdvanced search and replace162
14672024-01-11How to get content between a pair of nearest ab bc?Advanced search and replace297
14652022-03-31How to calculate each number in a line with different formula?Text data calculation1885
14642022-01-22How to calculate one column base on value of another column?Text data calculation2207
14632022-01-12How to delete specified consecutive chars leading each line?Advanced search and replace1903
14622021-12-30How to set different replace method based on specific word?Advanced search and replace1535
14592021-03-08How to group text by specified number of lines and apply with specified format?Advanced search and replace2660
14562021-02-16How to delete blocks of text containing a specified string?Advanced search and replace1467
14552020-12-17How to batch combine multiple files into single files?Replace text in multiple files1707
14482019-12-25How to remove all Upper Case letters?Regular expression replace2000
14472019-11-02How to split/parse lines into sentences outside two delimiters?Text file parser2367
14452019-10-10How to move strings matching specified patterns?Regular expression replace2303
14432019-08-09How to multiply numbers in each line after a certain comma?Advanced search and replace2409
14422019-08-07How to find and extract first word partially matches some text?Advanced search and replace3107
14412019-08-05How to replace specified lines with each line from a file respectively?Advanced search and replace2110
14402019-07-22How to convert abbreviated ip to detail ip? Text generator1852
14382019-06-24How to extract specified text from pdf files?Advanced search and replace1962
14372019-03-04How to remove phrases not containing any dictionary word?Advanced search and replace2517
14352019-02-16How to replace different words conditionally?Advanced search and replace2249
14322019-01-08How to generate multiple copies of each line with different values? Advanced search and replace2591
14312018-12-19How to delete last blank lines from multiple files?Advanced search and replace2197
14302018-12-18How to split a text file according to specified tags?Text file splitter2263
14292018-11-22How to extract and format sentences matching given word list?Advanced search and replace2275
14282018-11-14How to convert a list of phone numbers to required format?Advanced search and replace2219
14252018-11-09How to batch extract A1~A5 from txt file to a single file?Text file parser2795
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