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4552010-03-21How to generate a TREND column of Hodrick-Prescott Filter base on CLOSE value?Text data calculation2145
5112010-05-16How to remove nested html tags that only enclose blank tags or  ?Regular expression replace2694
482007-11-24Convert text file to HTMLHtml text generator4656
13602016-04-10How to copy/remove files to a folder named by first part of filename?Batch file rename1801
2522008-08-18How to rename all txt files in many folders with format of "folder_(file_id).txt"?Batch file rename2692
14162018-03-23How to convert an normal script to batch running script? Advanced search and replace1577
12472014-09-11How to join multiple script (rst) files from replace pioneer?Advanced search and replace1630
12362014-08-25How to replace accented characters in text file with non accented equivalents?Advanced search and replace1732
11902014-03-30How to multiply numeric values within defined criteria in given text?Advanced search and replace1768
11642013-12-28How to randomly delete x number of lines from text inside and outside brackets?Advanced search and replace2180
11042013-07-15How to count apperance of distinct IP and remove specified IP range?Advanced search and replace1972
1732008-06-03How to eliminate consecutive return and spaces?Advanced search and replace2141

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