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14232018-10-07How to fit template file with specified html in same folder?Advanced search and replace1749
13562016-03-22How to combine multiple pairs of text files line by line?Text merge3033
12972015-04-15How to duplicate a line and change midi to mp3 in many files?Replace text in multiple files2885
12802015-02-16How to batch rename files to the specified pattern found in file content?Batch file rename3334
12682014-12-07How to make name in "text" tag the same case in preceding "brand" tag?Advanced search and replace2069
12032014-05-06How to move files to new folders which foldername is same as filename?Batch file rename3206
11892014-03-29How to merge files in all folders into one folder?Batch file rename4038
11362013-09-23How to rename different file name suffix to the same?Batch file rename3241
11342013-09-20How to merge columns of 2 files with the same name in different folder?Text merge3665
11092013-07-19For each word in list, how to extract all lines contain the word and save to word.txt?Text file parser3148
10592013-03-01How to extract all paragraphs matching "spanning-tree" and remove the match line?Text file parser3598
10122012-10-06How to extract all links of a webpage periodically and save to file?Batch download4125
9942012-08-20How to rename mp3 files by exchanging artist and name part?Batch file rename3387
9872012-08-08How to rename files according to a given mapping list?Batch file rename4156
9172012-02-09How to copy one file for many times with pre-defined name in a list?Batch file rename5378
9142012-02-06How to remove duplicate lines in multiple files in different sub-folders?Replace text in multiple files4873
8392011-08-21How to split a text file into multiple files evenly on size?Text file splitter3997
7892011-05-27How to split a csv file according to the value of column A?Text file splitter4363
7232011-02-21How to make column merge for files in two folders?Text merge3741
6712010-12-04How to compare two folders and merge files which have same file names by column?Text merge3464
6602010-11-21How to merge two or more files which have same file names?Text merge3992
4912010-04-28How to find out all files that contain all words of A, B and C?Advanced search and replace3268
4852010-04-22How to find out all files that contain both A and B and copy to a new folder?Advanced search and replace3110
3672009-12-15How can I replace the 3rd lines of many files to a fixed string?Replace text in multiple files3033
3502009-08-28How to batch change format of multiple files?Replace text in multiple files4781
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