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2462008-08-11How to batch rename files from format like NAME-YEAR.mp3 to YEAR-NAME.mp3?Batch file rename3927
10072012-09-21How to reverse the order of the first column in text file?Text sort3162
7092011-01-29How to sort each line of text by the order of reversed line?Text sort2988
4182010-02-10How to reverse the order of all the lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace2959
10562013-02-17How to change the order of comma delimited sentence fragments randomly?Text sort2952
1702008-06-02How can I reverse the sequence of all words in a text file?Advanced search and replace2776
492007-11-24Reverse order the 2,3,4,5 words of each line.Advanced search and replace2642
4942010-05-01How to reverse the order of characters in each line of text?Advanced search and replace2599
12292014-08-07How to replace numbers with alphabets and reverse their order in all tags?Advanced search and replace1939

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