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10472013-01-24How to sort lines that started with IP address?Text sort2501
6922011-01-06How to sort a text/csv file by the date DD/MM/YYYY in second column?Text sort3287
14362019-02-26How merge many txt files to a txt file horizontally?Text merge1377
11312013-09-13How to replace certain column from different files? Text merge2525
10132012-10-07How to join every sequential line with a random line in a text file?Text merge2919
12942015-04-07How to generate a list from 00001 to FFFFF?Text generator1728
11792014-02-20How to generate Hex number groups, increasing start number in each group?Text generator2169
2262008-07-17How to split files by columns with fixed widths, and save to files with sequence?Text file splitter3735
13862016-12-28How to extract column 1 and 7 from csv files and replace each dash with space?Text file parser2196
13522016-03-14How split words from file where all words are joined without spaces?Text file parser1665
11732014-02-11How to extract specified text followed by 8 digits from text file?Text file parser2121
11512013-12-04How to extract 3,4,5th columns from csv file and replace comma with space?Text file parser2029
10612013-03-06How to extract text between specified start and end strings?Text file parser2547
8892011-11-19How to extract all lines that has no leading spaces?Text file parser2517
13322015-12-17How to compare and get the difference between numbers of two file?Text data calculation1852
12662014-11-27How to remove everything before first space in each line?Replace text in multiple files2496
12352014-08-23How to batch insert part of the filename into the file content?Replace text in multiple files2078
5652010-07-15How to replace strings in multiple files based on the search/replace mapping file?Replace text in multiple files2629
13552016-03-21How to remove commas and replace with a single space?Regular expression replace1739
13292015-12-13How to keep double newline and replace single newline with space?Regular expression replace1582
12892015-03-21How to remove space at beginning of the line?Regular expression replace1760
12462014-09-08How to replace line that contains no space?Regular expression replace1852
10792013-05-09How to remove everything after the second specified keywords in each line?Regular expression replace2975
10062012-09-17How to insert a space between the lower case and upper case letter?Regular expression replace2855
10022012-09-07How do I remove space between char?Regular expression replace2401
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