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14452019-10-10How to move strings matching specified patterns?Regular expression replace1282
12732014-12-12How to re-group all elements in specified range?Advanced search and replace2095
12102014-06-30How to re-arrange lines with in a specified number of lines?Text sort2930
12002014-04-30How to replace the 7th column with increasing numbers between the specified range?Advanced search and replace2317
11822014-03-04How to shuffle all elements in a specified range in text file?Advanced search and replace2391
11812014-03-03How to shuffle all lines of text in specified range?Advanced search and replace2466
11552013-12-06How to random remove x lines from a line range in text file?Advanced search and replace2407
11282013-09-11How to delete line with specific columns in specific range?Advanced search and replace2203
11042013-07-15How to count apperance of distinct IP and remove specified IP range?Advanced search and replace2320
10502013-02-07How to replace old text with new text only in specified range?Advanced search and replace2472
9392012-04-18How to replace all specified symbols with dot in specified range?Advanced search and replace2651
8272011-07-28How to extract all lines with specified date range from text file?Text file parser3558

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