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13372016-01-27How to capitalize all words except some stop words?Advanced search and replace1078
9862012-08-08How to split each line of csv file into a single file with specified format?Text file splitter3576
9232012-02-21How to remove everything after the first comma in each line in a text file?Regular expression replace20392
9082012-01-27How to remove everything from start of line to the first comma in each line?Advanced search and replace2719
6692010-12-02How to replace the first 3 spaces into comma in each line of text?Advanced search and replace2150
6282010-10-12How to extract the text between first comma and second comma in each line?Text file parser2272
2872008-10-29How to add a komma (,) after first and second words in each line?Advanced search and replace1904
722008-05-08How to batch rename files by removing the first 3 characters of each file name?Batch file rename6015

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