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11702014-02-01How to remove duplicate lines from a text file?Advanced search and replace2213
11092013-07-19For each word in list, how to extract all lines contain the word and save to word.txt?Text file parser2085
11042013-07-15How to count apperance of distinct IP and remove specified IP range?Advanced search and replace1951
10462013-01-24How to extract all proper names and nouns that start with an upper case letter?Text file parser2757
10332012-12-14How to count and sort the occurrance of different lines?Count and statistics2290
10162012-10-17How to delete lines that start with duplicate text?Advanced search and replace1930
9142012-02-06How to remove duplicate lines in multiple files in different sub-folders?Replace text in multiple files3664
8762011-10-19How to remove/delete consecutive duplicate lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace2839
8742011-10-14How to merge content of column "A" if columns "B" and "C" are duplicate?Text merge2488
8532011-09-12How to replace all duplicate lines with some text?Advanced search and replace2694
8092011-06-29How to extract all distinct parent folder names from a list of files?Text file parser2206
8032011-06-21How to remove all lines that have duplicate contents in CSV files?Advanced search and replace2103
7722011-04-30How to remove all lines with duplicate value in column B in CSV file?Advanced search and replace2174
7402011-03-18How to validate many email addresses in a text file and export them?Advanced search and replace2163
7362011-03-10How to extract email from webpage and remove duplicate?Text file parser2331
6842010-12-27How to find out the top 5 largest and distinct numbers in a text file?Advanced search and replace2232
5872010-08-12How to find out all lines that appeared specified number of times?Advanced search and replace2314
4242010-02-18How to remove partially duplicated lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace3235
4122010-02-04How to remove all duplicated lines without considering the last word?Advanced search and replace2150
3212009-03-18How to search hundreds of xml files for a list of numbers, find out which file contains which number?Replace text in multiple files2727
1312008-05-19How to sort and delete duplicate lines of a text file?Text sort13218
1302008-05-18How to delete duplicate lines of a text file?Advanced search and replace6381

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