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14392019-07-15How to sort csv files by two or more columns?Text sort834
13272015-12-01How to set column N according to some words in column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1766
13262015-11-21How to substract one csv file from another according to value of column A?Advanced search and replace1773
13252015-11-18How to set column N according to content of column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1707
13042015-05-03How to replace the User-Defined lines of A text from B text?Advanced search and replace1805
12772015-01-26How to find out in each line which words in the list appear?Advanced search and replace1805
10602013-03-02How to randomly remove comma delimited sentence fragments?Advanced search and replace1994
10562013-02-17How to change the order of comma delimited sentence fragments randomly?Text sort2618
10092012-10-01How to copy a specific file to all sub-folders?Advanced search and replace2097
8742011-10-14How to merge content of column "A" if columns "B" and "C" are duplicate?Text merge2632
7192011-02-17How to extract the second column from a database text file?Text file parser2958
6922011-01-06How to sort a text/csv file by the date DD/MM/YYYY in second column?Text sort3304
6752010-12-10How to sort csv files by column B, which has date of format "21/Jan/2010"?Text sort2451
5652010-07-15How to replace strings in multiple files based on the search/replace mapping file?Replace text in multiple files2641
5292010-06-08How to replace all consecutive spaces and tabs into one single comma in text file?Regular expression replace4643
592008-04-27How to take all files in a directory and convert/change them from UTF-16LE encoding to ISO-8859-1 encoding.Character encoding2851

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