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14432019-08-09How to multiply numbers in each line after a certain comma?Advanced search and replace1590
13782016-08-11How the remove text from the beginning of each line before a certain string?Regular expression replace2201
12982015-04-17How to extract the certain line that follow the specified line?Replace text in multiple files2036
11372013-09-24How to replace the certain column with specified words?Advanced search and replace2386
11312013-09-13How to replace certain column from different files? Text merge2891
11142013-08-12How to copy a line containing specified word and insert between line 1 and 2?Replace text in multiple files2508
11032013-07-11How to batch replace files and save the result to new files?Advanced search and replace2480
5612010-07-09How to replace one part of html with corresponding part from another?Advanced search and replace2436
942008-05-13How to remove/delete code with randomized case from webpage?Advanced search and replace2144

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