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11262013-09-08How to change date from ddmmyy to yymmdd in multiple filenames?Batch file rename2246
11132013-08-08How to batch rename mp3 files by removing everything before dash in filename?Batch file rename2414
11112013-07-29How to remove everything before first space in filename?Batch file rename3105
10142012-10-08How to remove the "." and following strings from multiple filenames?Batch file rename2505
9942012-08-20How to rename mp3 files by exchanging artist and name part?Batch file rename2359
9932012-08-20How to remove everything before a hyphen in multiple filenames?Batch file rename3231
9402012-04-22How to automatically distribute many files into subfolders evenly?Batch file rename3219
6352010-10-22How to batch rename mp3 files by adding artist name behind?Batch file rename3865
4412010-03-08How to rename many MP3 files with format of artist_track_album.mp3?Batch file rename2474
3272009-04-07How to rename many mp3 files to the format like artist-title.mp3?Batch file rename2619
2462008-08-11How to batch rename files from format like NAME-YEAR.mp3 to YEAR-NAME.mp3?Batch file rename3546

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