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14662023-02-15How to rename all the files by appending the calculated file size?Batch file rename1200
12142014-07-07How to rename files by adding specified strings at specified position?Batch file rename3245
10882013-06-21How to append strings between h2 tags to the end of multiple filename?Batch file rename3303
9582012-06-10How to batch rename PDF files with the date inside the file?Batch file rename4783
6352010-10-22How to batch rename mp3 files by adding artist name behind?Batch file rename4973
5772010-07-31How to rename all the files by adding the file size after filename?Batch file rename3415
5062010-05-12How to batch rename files by adding parenthesis for each number?Batch file rename3517
5032010-05-09How to batch rename html files to the content that between a pair of h2 tags?Batch file rename3992
4862010-04-23How to change the number part of many filenames by adding some specified value?Batch file rename3323
4802010-04-17How to batch rename text files by adding the value of file content to filename?Batch file rename3941
4532010-03-19How to rename files by removing last 8 digits and adding 6 digits?Batch file rename3951
4352010-03-02How to batch rename files by adding timestamp of current time?Batch file rename6183
4092010-02-01How to batch rename image files by adding picture width and height?Batch file rename3519
3512009-09-01How to rename files by adding folder name ahead and sequence behind?Batch file rename3712
3472009-08-25How to batch rename files by adding random letters behind?Batch file rename4026
2082008-07-01How to batch rename files by adding an [ok] before '_', but do not add to file which already has '[ok]'?Batch file rename2993
1482008-05-23How to sort the files by prefered sequence, and batch add a sequence number after each file?Batch file rename3469
862008-05-12How to rename all files by adding a letter 'x' behind each filename?Batch file rename4337

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