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14452019-10-10How to move strings matching specified patterns?Regular expression replace653
14182018-07-20How to keep all lines with 6 letters or numbers and at most 2 letter?Regular expression replace963
13932017-06-09How to do binary file search and replace with regular expression?Search replace binary1509
13892017-02-14How to add parenthesis around a pair of single quote after 'like'?Regular expression replace1777
13552016-03-21How to remove commas and replace with a single space?Regular expression replace1566
13292015-12-13How to keep double newline and replace single newline with space?Regular expression replace1407
13282015-12-12How to remove the words around the digits?Regular expression replace1606
12922015-04-05How to add different words at the beginning of each line?Regular expression replace1520
12842015-03-04How to import a list of rules to replace multiple files?Regular expression replace1972
12812015-02-22How to make following multiple rules replacement?Regular expression replace1657
12652014-11-26How to search and replace multiple file with multiple regex rules?Regular expression replace1772
12542014-09-28How to exchange positions of strings before and after underscore?Regular expression replace1616
11502013-12-02How to batch split file delimitered by second comma in each line?Text file splitter2455
11442013-10-28How to batch split file delimitered by first dash in each line?Text file splitter2641
11192013-08-25How to add a blank line after last sentence of paragraph?Regular expression replace2330
11182013-08-22How to split words into 44 phonemes automatically?Regular expression replace2675
10892013-06-22How to extract text between brackets into a file and the rest in another?Text file parser1959
10482013-01-24How to move some words from start of line to specified location in html file?Regular expression replace1962
10452013-01-19How to clean a text file by removing hi-bit characters and binary garbage?Regular expression replace2292
10392012-12-22How to exchange 1st and 3rd line OR 1st and 3rd paragraph in a text?Regular expression replace1912
10322012-12-12How to replace the content of XML with a list of words from text file?Regular expression replace2545
10062012-09-17How to insert a space between the lower case and upper case letter?Regular expression replace2682
10042012-09-11How to rip out all but line 1 and specified text?Text file parser2150
9952012-08-21How to merge lines with previous lines that ended with backslash?Regular expression replace2587
9792012-07-24How to add a new line return after specified char combinations?Regular expression replace2200
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