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14352019-02-16How to replace different words conditionally?Advanced search and replace1216
12842015-03-04How to import a list of rules to replace multiple files?Regular expression replace2119
12812015-02-22How to make following multiple rules replacement?Regular expression replace1793
12652014-11-26How to search and replace multiple file with multiple regex rules?Regular expression replace1937
12572014-10-01How to use the dictionary to do english words regex search and replace?Advanced search and replace1856
12522014-09-21How to use the dictionary to do multiple Regex search and replace?Advanced search and replace1585
12392014-09-01How to replace string in the Nth file with the Nth strings from a list?Advanced search and replace1775
7692011-04-26How to extract all image links from multiple html files? Html text generator5102
7562011-04-01How to extract all specific links from webpage?Text file parser3479

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