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13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator2016
11822014-03-04How to shuffle all elements in a specified range in text file?Advanced search and replace1930
11812014-03-03How to shuffle all lines of text in specified range?Advanced search and replace1949
10562013-02-17How to change the order of comma delimited sentence fragments randomly?Text sort2492
9632012-06-23How to put each line of keywords into multiple files with random occurrence?Replace text in multiple files2203
8142011-07-01How to shuffle all lines without moving some specified lines?Advanced search and replace2495
7792011-05-13How to simulate a Lucky Draw program to pop-up names in random order?Random word generator2704
4132010-02-05How to generate a full list from 'aaa' to 'zzz' with random order?Random word generator3285

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