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13522016-03-14How split words from file where all words are joined without spaces?Text file parser1717
13382016-01-27How to remove sentence fragments from File A based on list in File B?Advanced search and replace1319
11662014-01-10How to add h2 tag for all sub-title lines in text file?Replace text in multiple files2096
11502013-12-02How to batch split file delimitered by second comma in each line?Text file splitter2670
11442013-10-28How to batch split file delimitered by first dash in each line?Text file splitter2861
11192013-08-25How to add a blank line after last sentence of paragraph?Regular expression replace2568
11152013-08-13How to remove all paragraphs(lines) that only contain single sentence?Replace text in multiple files2220
10362012-12-18How to replace text files using multiple pre-defined rules?Advanced search and replace2257
10352012-12-18How to add a space in the middle of the two characters in each line?Advanced search and replace2230
7912011-05-30How to count and sort the occurrence of different numbers in a text file?Count and statistics2580
7212011-02-19How to remove any space before punctuation marks and add a space after it?Regular expression replace2819
3072008-12-23How to count how many characters, punctuations in a text file?Count and statistics3669

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