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14392019-07-15How to sort csv files by two or more columns?Text sort679
12182014-07-18How to sort paragraphs according to order of first date?Text sort1935
7922011-05-31How to sort the text by the number of specific word in each line?Text sort2708
8992011-12-26How to merge more columns into one column in multiple csv files?Text merge3102
7232011-02-21How to make column merge for files in two folders?Text merge2862
6602010-11-21How to merge two or more files which have same file names?Text merge3157
5002010-05-07How to merge two or more csv files with different columns into one file?Text merge3725
3092008-12-26How to merge adjacent lines having same value in column one in CSV files?Text merge2666
6962011-01-11How to generate all the prime numbers that between 100 and 200?Text generator2686
11532013-12-05How to break a column of text into more columns with 50000 rows in each column?Text file splitter2274
13342016-01-05How to remove lines from file B.csv with first column come from file A.csv?Text file parser1724
13022015-04-27How to find consecutive words with more than 4 characters after the word "a"?Text file parser1743
11172013-08-22How to randomly select one line from each paragraph?Text file parser1990
7552011-03-30How to extract all lines with more than 30 characters from multiple files?Text file parser2594
7142011-02-11How to extract all lines that has more than 4 columns from csv file?Text file parser2375
6242010-10-05How to extract all lines that has more than 2 numbers?Text file parser2351
4392010-03-06How to extract all telephone numbers from a text file?Text file parser2687
5262010-06-04How to add a column of Close Location Value("CLV") on stock data?Text data calculation2381
7022011-01-20How to remove the 120 bytes that followed by ABC in binary files?Search replace binary2685
12512014-09-17How to speed up while replacing large amount or size of files?Replace text in multiple files1556
8462011-09-01How to remove additional line breaks from multiple files?Replace text in multiple files2675
3312009-05-15How to find and replace multiple line text?Replace text in multiple files2779
5112010-05-16How to remove nested html tags that only enclose blank tags or  ?Regular expression replace2695
3782009-12-30How to remove all lines that contains more than one word?Regular expression replace2810
3772009-12-28How to filter out valid email addresses among thousands of Email addresses?Regular expression replace2149
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