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13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator3145
9572012-06-07How to replace some text with a random line from another file?Random word generator3775
9332012-03-30How to replace or remove 3 lines randomly in a text file?Random word generator3708
5392010-06-18How to batch replace the word COLOR with one of the color name randomly?Random word generator4120
5382010-06-17How to simulate the specified BER(bit error rate) on text file with 0 and 1 only?Random word generator2904
4102010-02-02How to add random digit/chars at the end of each line?Random word generator7074
4052010-01-27How to replace all the password field in text file with random chars?Random word generator3130
2392008-08-02How to replace all digits into a random digit, but keep other letters in a text file?Random word generator3182

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