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14212018-09-13How to caculate the last day of a month?Advanced search and replace534
13882017-01-04How to replace date format YYMM with the YYMM01 of next month?Advanced search and replace2015
10772013-05-05How to insert a blank line after each group of lines with same month?Advanced search and replace1697
10652013-03-18How to rename files to year month from the epoch time in file content?Batch file rename2263
9582012-06-10How to batch rename PDF files with the date inside the file?Batch file rename3279
9002011-12-30How to extract specified lines in multiple excel(csv) files?Text file parser2691
8842011-11-09How to batch rename files from month name to month number?Batch file rename3245
8262011-07-27How to sort all the lines by the order of date with format day-month-year?Text sort2424
7962011-06-09How to count the number of records for each month in a web log file?Count and statistics1848
4782010-04-15How to sort all the lines of a text file by order the multiple columns?Text sort2609
3632009-12-09How to convert the daily data into a weekly data in many text files?Advanced search and replace2075
3352009-05-25How to calculate sub-total for each group with user-defined number of lines?Text data calculation2173
2722008-09-24How to automatically generate all the date and time in a months by the interval of 30 minutes?Advanced search and replace1764

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