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13092015-07-01How to randomly replace each word with a list of pre-defined words?Random word generator1654
12012014-05-02How to take words from first line and insert into text file randomly?Advanced search and replace1862
11972014-04-29How to take part of the first line and insert them in text file randomly?Advanced search and replace1893
11752014-02-17How to sort randomly(shuffle) all paragraphs that separated by ## in multiple files?Advanced search and replace1566
10132012-10-07How to join every sequential line with a random line in a text file?Text merge2563
9942012-08-20How to rename mp3 files by exchanging artist and name part?Batch file rename2215
9772012-07-23How to make random line by line sequential merge of multiple text files?Text merge2430
9642012-06-28How to extract 3 lines from each file randomly?Random word generator2342
9632012-06-23How to put each line of keywords into multiple files with random occurrence?Replace text in multiple files2014

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