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14632022-01-12How to delete specified consecutive chars leading each line?Advanced search and replace1406
14332019-01-15How to replace specific column with specific rule in csv file?Advanced search and replace2432
11422013-10-24How to rename files by removing all leading numbers?Batch file rename3170
9192012-02-13How to add a leading zero to all 4 digit numbers in multiple files?Advanced search and replace3005
8892011-11-19How to extract all lines that has no leading spaces?Text file parser3339
8862011-11-11How to sort file by the number which first appear in each line?Text sort3852
8512011-09-07How to move files to new folders according to beginning letters of filename?Batch file rename4067
8472011-09-02How to remove leading spaces and tabs in each line in multiple text files?Regular expression replace4545
7762011-05-06How to remove leading and trailing blanks in each line in many files?Replace text in multiple files3130
5582010-07-07How to parse all the fields in different segment from a text file?Text file parser3120
5302010-06-09How to batch rename files by moving the leading numbers to the end?Batch file rename3565
4862010-04-23How to change the number part of many filenames by adding some specified value?Batch file rename3100
2202008-07-12How to batch strip(remove) utf8 BOM of many files?Advanced search and replace8398
2072008-06-30How to removing all leading zeros in a text file containing many numbers?Advanced search and replace2604
982008-05-14How to make html tags for image file list automatically?Advanced search and replace3406
642008-05-06How to remove/delete ending spaces of all lines automatically?Advanced search and replace3845

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