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13962017-07-27How to extract all lines by specified words in group?Advanced search and replace1303
13952017-06-29How to find out all specified keywords from a file? Advanced search and replace1680
13702016-06-10How to randomly generate some of the permutation of paragraphs?Advanced search and replace1645
13692016-06-07How to generate permutation of all paragraphs?Advanced search and replace1510
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1567
13182015-10-08How to join corresponding line of multiple text files with specified format?Text generator1752
13152015-08-09How to keep specified number of lines randomly?Random word generator1940
11952014-04-18How to merge different CSV with partially different columns into one?Text merge2273
11872014-03-23How to convert pipe separated elements in each line to specified format?Advanced search and replace1734
11382013-09-25How to generate full combinations of "a b" where a and b are from 2 different files?Text generator1983
11342013-09-20How to merge columns of 2 files with the same name in different folder?Text merge2416
11082013-07-19How to extract all lines that contain specified words or phrases?Text file parser3814
10342012-12-18How to merge unique lines found in File A with the text of File B?Text merge2457
10312012-12-07How to insert lines between sentences with specified order?Text merge2549
10132012-10-07How to join every sequential line with a random line in a text file?Text merge2731
9472012-05-18How to join two files line by line with comma as separator?Advanced search and replace1967
8482011-09-04How to join many binary files to one single file with specified order?Text merge3509
8312011-08-01How to extract and join text from multiple files with user defined format?Text file parser2424
6812010-12-21How to calculate sum of every column and keep original columns?Text data calculation2132
6712010-12-04How to compare two folders and merge files which have same file names by column?Text merge2552
5372010-06-16How to join hundreds of columns in different files into one csv file?Advanced search and replace2287
5002010-05-07How to merge two or more csv files with different columns into one file?Text merge3652
3442009-07-20How to extract/parse title from many html files and join together?Text file parser2589
3342009-05-20How to merge two text file base on the value of first column and do sort?Text merge3241
2622008-08-30How to shuffle all the lines in a text file?Advanced search and replace2540
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