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13852016-12-26How to extract specified columns from blocks of text?Text file parser1710
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1506
13272015-12-01How to set column N according to some words in column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1537
13252015-11-18How to set column N according to content of column A in csv file?Advanced search and replace1474
13182015-10-08How to join corresponding line of multiple text files with specified format?Text generator1701
13072015-05-26How to remove duplicate column in each line?Advanced search and replace1844
12792015-02-04How to replace the space with its nearest different words in the same column?Advanced search and replace1528
12712014-12-09How to merge text by first column and calculate average for rest columns?Text data calculation1841
11952014-04-18How to merge different CSV with partially different columns into one?Text merge2219
11532013-12-05How to break a column of text into more columns with 50000 rows in each column?Text file splitter2166
11342013-09-20How to merge columns of 2 files with the same name in different folder?Text merge2354
10972013-07-08How to replace the words with its nearest different words in the same column? Advanced search and replace1756
10132012-10-07How to join every sequential line with a random line in a text file?Text merge2654
9602012-06-16How to join every 3 lines into 3 columns of csv file?Advanced search and replace2035
9472012-05-18How to join two files line by line with comma as separator?Advanced search and replace1917
8482011-09-04How to join many binary files to one single file with specified order?Text merge3455
7192011-02-17How to extract the second column from a database text file?Text file parser2726
6812010-12-21How to calculate sum of every column and keep original columns?Text data calculation2085
6802010-12-19How to calculate summary of every column in a text file?Text data calculation2343
6712010-12-04How to compare two folders and merge files which have same file names by column?Text merge2506
6642010-11-25How to calculate the maximum value of the first n lines?Text data calculation1989
6622010-11-22How to multiply the first column with the rest of columns in one file?Text data calculation2134
6462010-11-01How to generate 2 columns of HEX numbers which increased in different loop?Text generator2424
5992010-08-27How to generate 12 columns EMA with different periods based on "close" value?Text data calculation2207
5372010-06-16How to join hundreds of columns in different files into one csv file?Advanced search and replace2233
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