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14062017-12-05How to count original form of words in a passage?Advanced search and replace1055
13662016-05-23How to count the number of specified part in each line?Count and statistics1437
12642014-11-14How to insert first 7 characters of filename into the end HTML file?Advanced search and replace1487
12132014-07-04How to calculate the average of numbers of one column?Text data calculation1684
11192013-08-25How to add a blank line after last sentence of paragraph?Regular expression replace2172
10312012-12-07How to insert lines between sentences with specified order?Text merge2387
10102012-10-03How to add a star at the beginning and a hash at the end of line?Advanced search and replace1854
10082012-09-27How to convert csv files into tables with html format?Advanced search and replace1888
7372011-03-14How to find out the top 5 most frequently appearred words in English article?Count and statistics2414
4712010-04-08How to count the number of Unique IP address from a web log file?Count and statistics2507
3632009-12-09How to convert the daily data into a weekly data in many text files?Advanced search and replace2113
3562009-10-26How to parse data from the text file and create text with user specified format?Text file parser3150
3352009-05-25How to calculate sub-total for each group with user-defined number of lines?Text data calculation2210
3342009-05-20How to merge two text file base on the value of first column and do sort?Text merge3118
2882008-10-30How to summrize the number of second column grouping by the first column?Advanced search and replace2160
2862008-10-25How to list all specific terms that appearing in a text file?Advanced search and replace2396
2092008-07-02How to reorganize following ":" delimited data into columns?Advanced search and replace2080
1832008-06-09How to analyze a log file and find out how many lines contain 'Pass' and how many lines contain 'Fail'?Count and statistics2302
1182008-05-16How to find all elements appearing in second column and not appearing in first column? Advanced search and replace1732
1172008-05-16How to make batch operations for following file list?Advanced search and replace1677

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