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11992014-04-30How to replace the second column of a file with an increasing number?Advanced search and replace2006
11782014-02-19How to replace a word/string with increasing number in multiple files?Advanced search and replace2199
10052012-09-16How to duplicate every line 3 times with increasing sequence id?Text generator2418
8582011-09-20How to replace a word/string with increasing sequence number in a text file?Advanced search and replace3368
4872010-04-24How to replace specified word with increasing binary sequence?Advanced search and replace2416
3202009-03-09How can I rename some files with increasing sequence id starting from 302, and 303, 304 ,...Batch file rename2892
2332008-07-24How to make an http address sequence with 2 variables increasing at the same time?Advanced search and replace2082

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