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12002014-04-30How to replace the 7th column with increasing numbers between the specified range?Advanced search and replace2570
11992014-04-30How to replace the second column of a file with an increasing number?Advanced search and replace2509
11792014-02-20How to generate Hex number groups, increasing start number in each group?Text generator2789
11782014-02-19How to replace a word/string with increasing number in multiple files?Advanced search and replace2838
10052012-09-16How to duplicate every line 3 times with increasing sequence id?Text generator2939
9222012-02-20How to replace strings in multiple text files with an increasing id start from 1?Replace text in multiple files3956
8582011-09-20How to replace a word/string with increasing sequence number in a text file?Advanced search and replace3779
8292011-07-30How to replace strings in multiple files with a global increasing ID?Replace text in multiple files3034
8042011-06-22How to change specified number to increasing numbers that are multiple of 6?Advanced search and replace2831
7492011-03-27How to change each number to an increasing number starting from 8?Advanced search and replace2912
6902011-01-04How to extract all odd columns 1,3,5,... from a text file?Text file parser3023
6452010-11-01How to generate multiple line text with increasing HEX number?Text generator2943
5642010-07-14How to clone 1000 html files from one html but with increasing number in title?Advanced search and replace2511
5212010-05-27How to remove every other characters on each line of text?Advanced search and replace3597
4872010-04-24How to replace specified word with increasing binary sequence?Advanced search and replace2839
4682010-04-05How to replace the contents between div tags with increasing number?Regular expression replace2870
4582010-03-25How to replace the specified text with increasing HEX strings?Advanced search and replace3094
3202009-03-09How can I rename some files with increasing sequence id starting from 302, and 303, 304 ,...Batch file rename3281
2332008-07-24How to make an http address sequence with 2 variables increasing at the same time?Advanced search and replace2444
1272008-05-18How to generate a list of batch commands with different increasing id?Advanced search and replace2790
1222008-05-17How to batch download a group of web pages with increasing id?Batch download4999
882008-05-12How to make an http address list with increasing ID?Advanced search and replace2810
712008-05-08I have many files, how to rename them with even numbers like file2,file4,file6,...Batch file rename2585
532007-12-05Make a batch command with increasing idText generator3654

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