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14642022-01-22How to calculate one column base on value of another column?Text data calculation2101
13522016-03-14How split words from file where all words are joined without spaces?Text file parser2655
11872014-03-23How to convert pipe separated elements in each line to specified format?Advanced search and replace3015
11532013-12-05How to break a column of text into more columns with 50000 rows in each column?Text file splitter3480
11182013-08-22How to split words into 44 phonemes automatically?Regular expression replace3943
10852013-06-07How to generate a list with random numbers between 10 and 70?Random word generator3369
10622013-03-07How to extract specified interface and sw from router configuration file?Text file parser2945
9622012-06-17How to replace strings in hundreds of html files in one action?Replace text in multiple files3867
9522012-05-26How to remove first 8 rows and extract column 5 and 8 into different files?Text file parser3227
9292012-03-24How to generate a list of picture names and put into a csv file?Text generator4089
8962011-12-15How to generate an html page that include download links of specified files?Text generator4493
6382010-10-24How to remove all text that include variable strings?Advanced search and replace3014
6372010-10-24How to replace multiple text in multiple files with variable strings?Replace text in multiple files3529
6352010-10-22How to batch rename mp3 files by adding artist name behind?Batch file rename4896
5682010-07-19How to change all letters that come after the word "password:" to ***** ?Regular expression replace2846
4882010-04-25How to batch change many html files from iso-8859-1 to utf-8?Character encoding4642
4402010-03-07How to extract/parse all upper cases Acronyms from a text file?Text file parser2958
992008-05-14How to convert text with pig latin rules?Advanced search and replace4702

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